ABOUT US E-Venture Group Inc.

We are the official Importers for Kuberg Motorcycles in California

Eli Miller Kuberg California Family

Art meets function, meets absolute FUN! Kuberg brand’s quality of products, ease of use and cutting edge technology sets us apart from other electric bike manufactures. Their look, low maintenance, environmentally friendly option to transportation and off-road fun is one of a kind

With many hours spent testing, tooling and learning the capabilities of these amazing machines, we will ensure we get the customer hands on the right bike.We will offer a local repair shop as part of our Escondido location, to ensure parts are available and you can get your bike back on the road as soon as possible.

The versatility and quality of the Kuberg brand is one of a kind. We decided to partner with the factory in the Czech Republic to offer Kuberg directly to California. We feel with the option of a street legal version coming this summer, California is a perfect place to launch the electric commuter bike.  This bike will be equipped with lights, blinkers, and mirrors, to allow it to be ridden as a motorized scooter. Base models can travel 30 miles, and fast recharge from a standard 110 outlet 80% in only one hour. Extended batteries and fast swap batteries available. 

Our warehouse will be open by appointment only.  Contact us to make an appointment to view available models and schedule a demo ride. We are currently promoting the Kuberg brand through our social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,), grassroots word of mouth, pop up shows, and upcoming demo days.